High School Principals and Youth Counselors
Perfect Gift for High School Seniors

You love your students but you are also very busy. You might like to invest more time providing encouragement and good counsel to them but where do you find the time? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a user-friendly tool that you could hand them or give them with reasonable assignment to read a chapter or two before your next meeting with them? Well there is! See demo here.

This is the kind of book you can have a student open to any chapter and discover some immediately helpful information. Readers of this book will gain greater sense of direction and understanding into the type of work, vocation or calling God may be drawing them towards – a calling which they can remain passionate and happy about for the rest of their lives!

When we were finalizing the edits on God Is GREAT Plans for You! We asked a few High School Principals and Youth Counselors to look it over and give us some candid feedback on the book. We were very pleased that all of them expressed their enthusiasm and confirmed there is a real need for a practical book like this. Here are a few of the written endorsements we received:

“In a world our teens often find overwhelming and discouraging, this book offers a semesters worth of practical advice that every high school student should know and apply. I found the text easy to read and the chapter exercises with takeaways were also great teaching tools. There is much value for each person who reads this book.”

Brian Wolcott, Principal,
Fr. Gabriel Richard High School, Ann Arbor, MI

“I REALLY LIKED IT! I have wanted a book like this for many years. We are always looking for some program which will guide a young man or woman in forward-looking reflection, yet based on true Catholic reality - that God is with us, and calls us to Him, each uniquely and wonderfully. Thank you Joe, for the gift of vocational guidance in a real, to-the-point, and personal "conversation" with our high school students. It will become a permanent part of our curriculum.”

Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed. Headmaster,
Saint Augustine Academy, Ventura, CA

"What a fantastic resource! It is timeless and ageless. I used this book with ages
12- 21...and they all seemed to get something useful and inspiring from it.
Thank you Joseph!"

Kelli Simon Life-Coach,
Motivational Speaker, Youth Minister

"This book is a gem in so many ways! For young people, for busy professionals, for everyone. This should be a classic tool for every Christian searching for peace in life."

Patrick Lencioni, President, The Table Group;
best selling business author, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


Some schools order this gem for their entire class of Graduating Seniors for less than $10 per copy!

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About the Author: Joseph M. Tabers, CSP
A professional speaker, sought-after corporate trainer and author, Joe Tabers has helped thousands in his career to live more selflessly with passion and purpose. Now, in this easy-to-read book, he distills and shares with young adults some of the most powerful influencers in his own life as well as several interactive structured approaches he has used for years to help others successfully recognize and move toward their heart’s calling.